Cheap and Easy Puppy Cam with iCam 1

Yeah, she’s cute isn’t she?  She’s about 5 months old in that picture.  During the early weeks/months of crate training she would whine when we left her but when we came home she would be sleeping like a little angle.  So we were wondering how long she was whining when we left.

A couple of our friends had a similar situation with their dog crying and destroying things while they were at work.  They ended up installing a web cam so they could check on him during the day.  I was intrigued and was looking for a weekend project, so I decided to look into “puppy cams”.

I did some googling and ended up on a bunch of hybrid technology + pet lovers message boards (yeah, the internet has everything).  Most of the suggestions involved dropping some $$ at Best Buy and calling Comcast to get a static IP address — neither of these things sounded like fun.  But eventually (buried on some message board somewhere) I came across iCam by SKJM.

This was perfect!   (more…)