Honey Brown Ale


A spinoff of our highly popular Nut Brown Ale kit that combines American malts and ale yeast with English hops and Minnesota honey.  Kit link


Safale S-33 Dry Ale Yeast.  Dry.  11.5g.  Rehydrated.

Speciality Grains:

Simpson’s Chocolate .25 lbs. Crushed Grain
Dingemans Special B .25 lbs. Crushed Grain
Dingemans Biscuit .25 lbs. Crushed Grain
Briess Special Roast .25 lbs. Crushed Grain


Northern Brewer Gold 6 lbs Liquid
Honey (0 minute late addition) 1 lbs Liquid


1. Cluster 7.5% AAU 60 Minutes 1oz

Calculated IBUs: 26
Kit OG: 1.050
MY OG: 1.060 @ 70 Degrees
FG: 1.018
ABV: 5.4%

Brew Day – 4/30

Get Ice.
Clean and sanitize: Stir Spoon, Measuring Cup, Bowl, Knife, Table Spoon, Thief, Thermometer, Fermentation Lock, Strainer.

Heat 1.25 Gallons of water to 160 F
Steep Speciality Grains for 30 minutes.
Remove bag and squeeze off excess.
Added 1.25 Gallons of water.
Remove from heat and Stir in 6 lbs liquid extract
Bring to boil (~3 gallons)
Add hops.
Boil partially covered for 60 minutes.
Rehydrate Yeast.
Remove from heat and Stir in Honey.
Chill wort.
Strain out gunk
Pour back and forth 3 times. Lots of “head”. Added 1.5 extra gallons
Let head settle. Pitch yeast. Seal. Swirl. Add sanitize solution to air lock.

Weird: Fermentation stopped after ~8 days, but it picked up fairly vigorously around the 3rd week in the fermenter…

Bottle Day – 5/29

Clean and Sanitize.
2/3 cups Corn Sugar in 2 Cups water.
Rack to bottling bucket + Priming Solution
26 12oz bottles, 9 22oz, 1 Growler