I Heart Summer Softball

Thanks to PSN for posting a bunch of great action shots. ¬†Here are a few of my favorite (because they’re me!)

And in case you were wondering, I’m have a .666 lifetime batting average ūüôā

Make Me A Baseball Card is Live!

I’ve always been a coding tinker-er but most of my personal projects never really “went live”. ¬†This year I made a new years resolution to design, develop and deploy an app all the way through.

I’m proud to announce that I flipped the switch and my first personal project went live last night! ¬†You can check it out here:¬†¬† There were lots of late nights and lots of coffee. ¬†It was like having a 2nd part-time job. ¬†Whew…

What is it? lets someone track their baseball stats and print out their very own baseball card.

When they click the Print Card¬†link, we open a new window and they can print their card directly through the browser’s print functionality. ¬†Here’s my printed card.

What’s next?

There are a TON of things I want to add.  Keep an eye on the facebook page for new features!